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Trephine - A Collection of Magic by Richard Bartram Jr. - book

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Richard Bartram has developed quite a reputation in magic as a creator of innovative magic and as an illustrator. Magic Methods is proud to present Trephine - A Collection of Magic -- far larger than his other books with more than twice the amount of magic as his previous book, Mystification. Trephine contains over 75 tricks, sleights, and ideas, and fills 180-plus large pages overflowing with wonderful magic. Bartram's latest creations comprise most of the book, but he is joined in this book by some friends. Matt Grover, Peter Ottaviano, Gordon Boyd, Steve Saunders, Eddie Ganim, Evert Chapmen, David Tolley, John Allen, Chris Sutton, Gary Plants, Michael Fesenmeier, Paul Swinford, and Rusty Cook, all contributed items.

Trephine is hard bound, 8 1/2 by 11 inches and contains 182 pages. Over 200 illustrations by Richard Bartram illustrate the effects. There is some truly wonderful stuff in Trephine, and you should get it before your friends start fooling you with the magic from this book. You will truly enjoy performing these effects!

Contents Include:

Forward by Steve Beam

Chapter 1

The Genuine Acrobatic Cards
- After a spectator's signed card is lost in the deck, the performer fails to locate it in the usual sophisticated manner. Instead, he offers to perform a stunt with two other cards and the assistance of the spectator. Both cards are folded into quarters - one by the magician and the other by the spectator. After verifying the identity of each card, the spectator's folded card is inserted into the folds of the magician's card, which is used to launch it into the air. Upon unfolding the card, it is seen to have transformed into the previously signed selection.

Let me Dust Off a Spot for You to Sit Your Ace - After unsuccessful attempts at finding a spectator's card, the magician shows that the trio of wrong cards has changed into the selection. As the cards revert back to their original identities, the selection appears on the magician's forehead.

Bankshot - A moveless means of secretly propelling a palmed card to the table for a number of subversive purposes.

Bankshot Transposition - Signed Card placed in deck changes places with tabled card.

Low Maintenance Transposition - Two cards transpose positions four times on the table. On their last transposition, the cards are face up.

Uniwild - The Joker assumes the identity of other cards. At the end, the Joker turns blank.

Queen's Sore Ear - Four face-up cards magically assemble beneath a jumbo card.

Chapter 2

Drawing A Blank
- After a spectator names a thought-of card, the magician produces a deck of cards that are blank on both sides. After one is selected and signed, a short 'Ambitious Card' routine is performed. At the conclusion, the signed card is turned over to reveal that the earlier named card is now printed on its face.

Back to The West by Pete Ottaviano - The Magician demonstrates his technique of cutting four of a kind and produces four cards that are the same in both value and suit. One at a time, three of the backs of the four cards are changed to different colors and designs. To conclude, the backs of the deck change.

Problem Child - One of four Aces changes to a selected card that was previously lost in the deck. It then changes back to its original self amongst the Aces.

Chapter 3

Andrelius Change
- Card at face of deck, visibly changes to selected card.

White Knuckled Reversal by Gordon Boyd - A clever reversal of a selected card.

The B.R.R. by Steve Saunders - A bold and simple method of secretly peeking a selected card.

The Illusive Snapping Pasteboard - Visual card appearance.

Suspended Change - Card balancing effect.

Chapter 4 - All Coin Routines

Four on The Floor
- Coin Routine.

Drop Vanish - Bare armed vanish of a coin.

Jumbo Drop Change by Eddie Ganim - Jumbo Coin changes into half dollar as it is dropped into the hand.

Enigmatic Curse and Coin

The Grassy Knoll by Evert Chapman

Switchipu by Matt Grover

The Congregation

TNT Coins by Evert Chapman

Scotchman's Dilemma

Matrix Treatment

Okito Treatment

Transposition Treatment

Tarot Treatment

AND that's just the first Four Chapters of Eleven!

More great items are included, not just with playing cards, a rubber band, finger gag, a lighter, a mini deck of cards, Cards in Wallet routine, book of matches, Egg Bag routine, a Rocky Raccoon bit, Plastic Sword Thru Hand, Cone & Ball routine, Hindu Prayer Chain routine, unorthodox Himber Ring handling, A Book Test, Russian Roulette test with tubes filled with acid, a Key-R-Rect presentation, a method of peeking at written messages using a Mullica Wallet, Spirit Slates handling, A Mentalist Prediction effect, A Chess Move predicted in advance, World's Fastest Card Fold Method, Card Visibly Changes to a $10, and Effects with A Mirror, Card and coin...

You've got the idea! Great variety. You're sure to find many gems you'll love to perform.