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The Luke Jermay Mentalism Seminar (Live Event)

November 7th and 8th, 2008. Featuring: Jermay, Michael W., Eric Mead, and special guests! Special early registration discount going on now!

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What: Hands-on intensive mentalism workshop with some of the best minds in mentalism.
When: Nov 7-8, 2008
Where: The Hotel @ Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino, Las Vegas

There is nothing else like this in the world of mentalism. The group is extremely small by design. Half a dozen of the top minds in mentalism are in the room with you for two solid days. You will meet everyone. You will connect. Your material will be the focus of every mind in the room.

This is absolutely not right for everyone. The number of participants is extremely limited. You need to be serious about mentalism.

If that's you, I'm excited. This is an event that has the power to transform.

Message from Luke Jermay:

Hello all,

It is with great pleasure that I announce the dates of the third mentalism workshop have been set for November the 7th and 8th, 2008. The second workshop was more than I could have ever have hoped for. I am thrilled to have found a venue for the event that can match the top notch content with its class, style and amenities.

The content of the second workshop was unparalleled. With Michael W, Eric Mead and Bob Cassidy tipping the real work on the real work I was as fascinated and excited by the concepts, methods and effects taught over the two days.

A personal highlight was being able to see the master Bob Cassidy work to a room full of people presenting his one-man show on the evening before the workshop. This show night one night before the workshop is something that we will be doing with the third event with a special guest. It gives everyone a chance to meet, relax and enjoy a show before the workshop kicks off and served as a great way to catch up with old friends and making new ones.

Nakul Shenoy took the prize for longest journey having traveled from Bangalore, India to attend the event with a journey totaling over 23 hours from Bangalore to Las Vegas. We were thrilled to see attendees from not only the USA but also from all over the world.

The third workshop is now ready to go and I will be announcing the special guests soon. The normal team will be present as ever with myself, Eric Mead and Michael W holding court alongside special guests. Our previous guest have included, Banachek, Jon Stetson, Jamy Ian Swiss, John Lovick, Kevin Burke, Andy Nyman & Bob Cassidy amidst others.

The third workshop promises to continue this stellar line up presenting top quality content. I am running a special early discount promotion for those people who register early. The price of this is $ 699 rather than the normal $ 1200 this special offer also includes an exclusive early discount BONUS. To register for the third workshop add this item to your Penguin Magic shopping cart and check out!

Thanks for your attention and I look forward to seeing some of you at the next event I want to leave you with the following comments about the second workshop from some of its attendees:

"I had the privilege of attending the first as well as the second Jermay Mentalism Workshop. I thought, like most sequels, the second workshop would be good, but would fall short of the magnitude and excitement that was the first workshop. Well.... my skepticism was silenced! The second Jermay / Weber Workshop far superseded all of my expectations. It was perfectly obvious that Jermay and Weber took great strides to make the second workshop an encore that will never be forgotten. Everyone in attendance experienced something that they will truly never forget. The workshop attendees evolved from a "group of guys talking mentalism" to a fraternity of like-minded individuals bonded by their art. To have Cassidy, Nyman, Weber, Mead, and Jermay together in a genuine effort to advance the art was profoundly inspiring. My show has matured considerably since the first workshop.... I cannot wait to apply what I've learned from the second workshop. If you are looking to take your performance up several notches in only a few months, I strongly encourage you to attend this workshop. I am a living testimony of its effectiveness." Jim Munroe, Texas

I am still reeling in the aftereffects of the excitement of attending the workshop, meeting you, my old friends, and all the new ones. It has truly been an experience of a lifetime for me to have spend 3-4 days with you all, and I look forward to the next opportunity as it comes. The highlight for me was undoubtedly meeting Bob, Michael, You, Eric, Andy, and the other wonderfully talented group in that room. The excitement and learning of the 3 days was immense, and will remain with me in my urge to constantly be a better performer, a better entertainer. It has been an immense and overwhelming experience, in more than one way. -- Nakul Shenoy, Bangalore India

Thank you for hosting such an outstanding event. This has been by far the best experience that I have had since I have been involved in Magic/Mentalism. This wasn't a workshop, it was more like a "think tank" of top tiered talent. This workshop creates a creative freedom that I have never known. I have come back with so many ideas that I still can't sleep and my head is still spinning! I can't possibly imagine anyone that couldn't benefit from attending. I can't wait for the next one.--Tom "TK" Krzystof, Chicago

There were a number of highlights. This was a workshop that actually, well, worked. Everything from the material delivered by the presenters, to the critiques of attendees was top notch. Seriously though, who could choose between watching Bob Cassidy perform, watching Michael W do his thing, and Andy Nyman on audience management? wish that I would have taken the opportunity to get up and try out the material I came to discuss. The opportunity to have the talent that was in that room review and help with the material was extraordinary, and I let it slip past. The thing is, it was too interesting listening to everything and everyone else. - Patrick Mahaffey.

"The Luke Jermay Mentalism Seminar inspired me, challenged me, changed me, flipped my thinking on its head... And I'm craving more." -- Maxwell Murphy, Penguin MagicDiscount codes can not be used to purchase registration to this event.