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The Gold Time Machine Ltd. (The Bling Bling)

This is the Rolls Royce of Time Machines. A test-drive of this stylish performance piece will convince even the most particular collector... This truly is the finest. Highly Recommended!

Sold out
The Inventor and manufacturer of the Time Machine has commissioned the production of the Gold Time Machine Ltd. Why you ask? Purely for the art.

If you were born to perform... this effect was born for you.

You show your watch to your spectators, letting them verify the present time.

The watch is set to the proper time and is ticking away like normal.

You remove the watch as you tell your spectators (in an intriquing voice) that you're going to make a prediction. You confidently set the watch to a new time.

Once you've settled on your prediction you hold the watch by the very end of the band. The back of the watch is facing your spectators. The watch is dangling innocently, completely out in the open.

The prediction has been made. The predicted watch time cannot possibly be tampered with or readjusted.

You calmly ask one of your spectators to imagine any time of the day, even to the exact minute.

The spectator announces a time, let's say 2:47... You smile, look deep into your spectator's eyes, smile again, and...

hand the watch to your spectator revealing an exact match to her announced time!

Further Points About This Product:
  • This watch tells time and can be used as an everyday watch.
  • Inside the thin profile case is a self-contained engine that does all the work!
  • The metal band has a strong buckle for frequent removal and use!
  • High quality materials and components make this magical time piece the very best in the world!
  • There are NO MAGNETS!!!
  • No pressure switches! No wires in the strap!
You are looking at the most limited production item Magic Makers has to offer...

This is the Gold Time Machine Ltd.(Limited). Many in the authority of magic will say the that Time Machine is one of the greatest magic tricks ever invented. We have manufactured a limited quantity; only 250 units of this gentlemen's gold version. When they're gone they're gone...