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The Faro Glimpse by Nathan Kranzo (Instant Download)

One of the most powerful things you can do to someone is read their mind a few seconds after meeting them.

It is important for the modern-day Mentalist and Magician to have the tools to glimpse information instantly.

The Faro Glimpse allows you to take any borrowed deck of cards and do just that.

You have a card selected while your head is turned.

A second later you are able to tell them the exact card they are thinking of!!!

Kranzo teaches a very entertaining voice lie detector effect to feature the glimpse in this instructional download.

  • A very natural handling that flies by even the keenest observer.

  • Easy to master!

  • Watch Kranzo step by step as he teaches you the moves and routine.

  • You do NOT need to perform a perfect Faro (or even close) for this to work. :-)

Learn this glimpse today and it will be a powerful tool that you will use for years to come