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Pyro Perception 2.0 - The FIRE Blister by Brent Walske

You're spectators will FREAK when you stick your fingers into a flame and they come out with BLISTERS revealing their selected card! Penguin Award for the best new street magic effect of the year!

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You walk up to a group of people with a deck of cards.

You're about to perform an effect that they'll think about for days and remember forever.

You ask one of your spectators to remove a card from the deck and conceal it.

A lighter is ignited as you thrust your thumb and forefinger into the fire.

Your face twists and contorts as you wince in pain.

The tension is almost unbearable as you slowly withdraw your finger tips from the flame.

You turn your hand toward the onlookers. Your skin is reddish and blistered. You've got two distinct blisters.

But this isn't just a stunt... it's magic.

Your skin has blistered in the shape of your spectator's chosen card!A fantastic and easy to perform miracle by Brent Walske. Includes: High quality gimmick, basic handling and instructions."WHOA... that's like the best card trick you've ever done!" --Yamit (Oz's sister)

"Blistering!" --Gregory Wilson

"The only thing I didn't like about this effect is that I didn't think of it myself." --Loren Christopher Michaels

"One of the most original and amazing close-up card revelations to come along in years." --Ken Sands

"The mind altering possibilities of this effect inspire the mystery magic longs for." --Brandon Cross