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Pool Ball Miracle (DVD and Props) by Craig Petty and Wizard FX Productions - DVD

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Pool Ball Miracles is more than just a DVD; it's a complete set that will enable you to perform miracles with a simple pool ball. Everything you need has been included inside:

  • A DVD with eight full routines
  • An eBook with over 25 routines and ideas
  • A specially gimmicked card
  • Specially printed stickers
  • A gimmick which will allow you to push a pool ball through a table
  • Four pool balls which will enable you to perform all the routines on the DVD and in the book
Within the eBook you will learn how to perform miracles such as making a lighter change to match a freely chosen pool ball and even learn Craig's commercial Trade Show opener. In addition on the DVD there are eight full routines including:

Ball Through Table - Learn how to visibly push a solid ball through a solid table. This trick is worth the price of the DVD alone.

Red Three, Corner Pocket - Make a pool ball appear from nowhere and use it to find the spectator's selection. The pool ball is literally pushed through a pack of cards and squashed onto the back of the selection.

Essence Transposition - A white cue ball is held by the spectator and takes on the identity of a selected card.

Pool Ball Matrix - The classic matrix performed with drawings of pool balls on the back of a business card. As a kicker one of the balls becomes real and literally pops off the card.

Handkerchief Manipulation - This one is like eye candy! A pool ball appears and disappears right in front of the spectator's eyes.

Reality - A mentally selected pool ball is divined and then, in a moment of pure magic, comes to life.

Pool Ball Transposition - Two pool balls change places whilst held by the spectator.

Quick Shot Change - Ink is visibly shaken off a playing card causing the card to change into the spectator's selection.