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Perspective :: 2018 Lecture Notes by Eric Stevens (Instant Download)

"Good magic is classically grounded...showcases your personality and...connects with your audience. Eric's thoughtful routines...hit these points perfectly." -Steve Reynolds

Eric's brand new lecture notes for the 2018 season come out swinging with a brand new set of miracles that cover both the close-up and parlour genres. These are as follows:

LOGICOIN OPENER - In which the hands are shown empty and a jumbo coin is magically produced.

THE ONE-ARMED MAN - In which the audience is taught a little something about the classic 3-Card Monte and how to avoid getting swindled while you do exactly that!

SPLIT-SECOND MARVEL - In which a freely-chosen time on the stopwatch of a spectators phone allows for the choosing of a card that perfectly matches a previously reversed one in a second deck that has been set aside.

HANG EM HIGH - In which the magician demonstrates his ability to manipulate three borrowed coins in astonishing ways.

TRIBLOON - In which three Chinese coins are produced in a very magical way and one suddenly transforms into a half-dollar; a clean vanish of each follows.

ESSAY: THE THEORY OF EVERYTHING - In which several aspects of performance theory are described in detail.

CREDITS & MUSES - In which the author cites several different sources in order to provide the reader with an accurate background of the effects and routines that they have just devoured.

[64 pages, PDF format]

*Some of the effects described within will require one or more props to be purchased separately.*