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pal #2 Magical Voyages video Burger

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Part 2: A Voyage to the Unreal WorldOn this tape Eugene is also joined by Jeff McBride to explore his close-up magic that is offbeat, whimsical and decidedly strange. This journey begins with Flash Spirit Message, as efficient a link to the ghostly realm as you could ever ask for. In Double Reverse, a classic Walter Gibson effect that`s been raised from a card trick into an evocative piece of intimate Spirit Theater (which includes Eugene`s personal handling on Glorpy). Eugene`s version of Al Baker`s The Card in the Hat leads into a detailed discussion of advanced thread technique. Jeff then shows what happens when Mark Twain meets Robert Neale, as he performs and explains The Five Gifts of Life. A darker humor is on display when Eugene teaches Phil Goldstein`s The Wagers of Sin. And finally, there`s a thorough analysis of Matt Schulien`s superb Corner in the Glass.And there`s much more, because Eugene also offers special insights into presentational framing, rehearsal techniques, and the concepts and theories that transform magic into something significant.