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pal #2 Dan Harlan Close Up Magic

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Dan HarlanThe Close Up Magic of Dan Harlan On this approximately 90-minute video you`ll learn 12 items using cards, coins, silverware, business cards, ropes and newspapers. There is something for every taste on this wonderful tape. Among the highlights of the material performed and explained are:Nightmare`s End - Finally, a method for ending the classic Performer`s Nightmare effect! The ropes instantly and visibly transform from three equal lengths to three different lengths. Soft Silverware - A beautifully constructed multi-phase routine with a spoon that you can perform anywhere a spoon is handy! Newsline - A diabolical newspaper prediction that is easy to set up and perform. A surefire fooler! Complete Listing:Capper/Silver Business Sense Quick Cutaway Old Speller Newsline Soft Silverware Off-Beat Flyers Auto Deck Suspension Colorful Circus Nightmare`s End Now UZ It A Case of Color Blindness