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Opposite Corner Decks Ken Driscoll

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The Opposite Corner Deck like the Inside deck this deck allows you the comfort of working with a gaffed deck,  that is so close to being ungaffed you'll never fear getting caught.  Like the Inside Corner Deck this deck has ABS (Automatic  Breaking System) built in, no more crimped cards, no lost pinky, finger or thumb breaks... imagine handing a stacked deck out to be cut as many times as the audience wants yet with in a cut or two you have the stack right back where you want it... set-up for a cutting to the aces routine, in the middle of the routine have a card selected and returned to the middle of the deck, several cuts later you cut the selection to the top, then continue on with you race routine... the deck is a locator deck but unlike some locator decks this one can be handled by the audience with very little fear of them finding your secret... in fact they can cut it from the long edge or the short side and never feel your locator card - these decks are fun... beginners can do effect they never thought they would be able to accomplish, professionals will just enjoy the comfort of a quick set up, and safety net during performance... as I said these decks are fun... fun for both the beginner and the pro, we all love to play and these decks not only let us do some great magic, but the fat that they are not over gaffed lets us actually sit down and play a regular game of cards if we want...