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NX11 :: The Noblezada Experience (Live Event)

SEATS LIMITED! Learn Powerful Magic from Top Professionals in Las Vegas at an Exclusive NOBLEZADA LIVE EVENT! June 26-29th, 2011 Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas!

Sold out

NX10 :: The Noblezada Experience :: JUNE 26-29th, 2011.    Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

You're looking to make some significant changes in your magic, improve your skills and take it to the next level!

Magic is really what drives you and how you want to spend your time more than anything!

You're looking to Go PRO and get paid to do it!

If you want to learn, perform, and live magic, The Noblezada Experience was designed for you.

The NX story:

In 2007 Jay Noblezada took a shot at creating a one-of-kind magic experience in Las Vegas that focused on the personal and professional goals of attendees. By combining hands-on sleight of hand workshops, with mind-melting lectures, fantastic Las Vegas Shows, with intimate Q and A sessions, Noblezada really created a monster! Its popularity has made NX one of the most sought after seminars in the underground magic community, attracting students from all over the world. Every year only 20 people get in on the inside of what makes magic here in Las Vegas, the Magic Capitol of the World! And because there are only 20 spots available, you get all the time and attention that you and your magic deserve.

NX10 is this June in Las Vegas! What's your plan of action?

Secrets from Las Vegas professionals you won't get anywhere else!

"NX09 was hands down Amazing! After attending NX08 and being completely astounded, I knew I had to come back and I was completely astonished at everything NX09 had to offer. If you weren't at NX09 you missed the opportunity of a lifetime. Jay pulled out all the stops; we not only saw living magic legends perform, but we were able hang out and pick their brains... Where else do you get to do that? NX09 blew my mind, we learned secrets that have never been in print and that will never be in print; secrets that create miracles. The Noblezada Experience just keeps getting better and better...the price is a steal...I'm already registered for NX10!" -- Geoff Kanick, Tacoma, WA

Go Pro and Get Paid to Do What You Love!

NX is dedicated to teaching the REAL secrets that make the difference between a successful, professional magician, and a searching, wondering enthusiast. Search no more, and experience a seminar that focuses on providing you with the foundations that seasoned pros wish they had starting out! From intensive sleight of hand workshops, all the way through to practical business and marketing programs that will take your passion to profession!

"NX has motivated me to get my butt out there and start doing this professionally. The amount of information I learned was staggering. Not only did I learn some awesome effects, I learned a lot on how to market myself and how to make money doing what I love.

I was unsure if it would be worth the money when I first signed up, but I can easily say without a doubt that not only was it worth what I paid, it was worth MORE than what I paid. You just learn so much and get to meet such amazing people that it makes you fall in love with magic all over again.

I can't wait for next year!" -Albert Lu from Poway, CA

Once in a Lifetime, Life-Changing Experiences!

Having a coach is one of the key secrets to success in anything. And what makes the difference is a coach with experience at winning the game! NX presents REAL performing artists that make major waves in the magic industry, live the life, and have been through it all! This is the stuff that WORKS, and that you will use!

Have you ever met a performing magician that makes over $ 300,000.00 a year? What would you ask if you had the opportunity? What's his secret? Believe it or not, it's NOT what tricks he performs!

What are the top techniques to getting standing ovations, getting booked again and again, and having a successful magic business that generates income for you while you sleep? And what about the stuff that works in THIS economy?

The wisdom from the performers and speakers at NX will change your life.

How Is NX different than any other magic convention?

Students hail NX as an "EXPERIENCE" more than anything. Rather than a convention setting, where you're pretty much on your own in a sea of attendees, NX provides an intimate, and intense environment designed to feed you NOT JUST MAGIC as a novelty, but the stuff that hits home, and causes you to take action: "Chicken Soup for the Magic Soul." Because the structure of the entire event is geared toward focusing on YOU, and what you need to know to become a successful performer, the entire dynamic changes, and the result is an out of this world atmosphere guaranteed to transform you from the inside out!

  • Meet magicians from all over the world, share secrets, session, and enjoy everything NX has to offer!
  • Personally meet NX performers, lecturers and speakers. Hang out, dine, and listen, as we all have fun and improve together!
  • Get insight, instruction, and guidance that NO DVD, or book can offer.
  • Life Long Contacts! One of the coolest things about NX is the ability to keep in contact with everyone that you meet! This is a great way to continue to grow in your magic long after NX!
Extremely Limited Seating!

Be part of an exclusive group of ONLY 20! Get time and attention that your magic deserves, and pick the brains of magic's best! They are all there to help you, teach you, and give you the tools necessary to massively improve your show, career, and "The Nucleus!" More about that when you get here...

Think you've learned everything about magic?

Here are just a few of the things that you'll be learning at NX09!
  • How to open up any group successfully, without fear of rejection, and a guaranteed PAY-OFF!
  • Invisible Sleight of Hand. The "real work" of a performing magician.
  • What tricks you should NEVER do! Your career depends on it!
  • The magic KILLER, and how to avoid it!
  • How to Zap and use HYPNOSIS effectively to strengthen your performance, image, and GAME! This session alone is going to rock your world...
  • The REAL secrets behind attraction, magic, and mind-reading! Magnetically draw people to you so you never have to ask to perform!
  • Using mind-control to get anyone to do what you want!
  • ...and that's just part of 2nd day.
Registration Fee of $ 2,000.00 covers all 4 days of NX10, NX Curriculum, Lectures, Shows, Food, Tons of magic material, and so much more*! All you have to do is show up, ready to rock! Apply today to reserve your spot for one of the most unique live magic events ever! Seating is extremely limited. Special hotel rates are available for attendees.


"NX is something that everyone who is serious about magic (pro or not) needs to attend. This is my 2nd time and I learned even more this time! Definitely worth THOUSANDS of dollars!" -- Ian Galloway, Los Angeles, CA

It's time you took the next step with your magic.

Make 2010 the year that changes everything!

NX10 :: The Noblezada Experience :: JUNE 26-29th, 2011.    Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas

* Location, Lectures, special guests, and show selection is subject to change.

** Hotel and Airfare is not included.

Special room rates are available through NX for registered attendees. Please email for more information.

Please Note: Regular price for NX10 is $ 2000. Penguin Magic has negotiated a special $ 800 discount for Penguin customers. Discount Codes can not be used in conjunction with the discount already being provided."Best three days I've ever spent with magic! Thanks, Jay!" -Mike Griffith, MO

"The people I met this weekend have influenced and improved my magic more than any DVD!" -Felice Ling, NJ

"Any more and my head would have EXPLODED!!!" -Kane Martin, CA

"Jay Noblezada's Magic Weekend was awesome! Definitely above and beyond expecting. I suggest it for everyone!" -Hon Wong, CA