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Magic Encarta Presents BLOW by Vivek Singhi (Instant Download)

BLOW Their Minds With This One !!!

A card is freely selected, signed, and returned to the pack. The deck is never touched after that and the spectator or the performer blows on the deck. Amazingly, the deck splits and top portion of the pack starts to slowly spin, cleanly cutting itself exactly to where the spectators signed card is !!!

In nearly 30 minutes of teaching, Vivek Singhi reveals the nuances and techniques that truly make this effect a jaw-dropper, including both gimmick and non-gimmick handlings, both of which are COMPLETELY ANGLE PROOF and EASY.

This is the perform anywhere-anytime miracle that will literally BLOW your spectators minds.

PS: The gimmick version utilizes no threads, magnets, card forcing or any rough smooth principle and is completely angle proof !!!

Learn it now.