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Lite Flite trick

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Lite Flite
by Maynard's Magic


The Amazing Floating, Lit Ball!

The magician reaches into his pocket and produces a small illuminated ball. On the magician`s command, the ball starts to float in mid-air! As the ball is floating, the magician gives the ball a spin. Now the spinning ball suddenly floats from one hand to the other! The magician`s hands circle around the floating ball, dispelling any and all thoughts of how it might be done. Finally, the floating ball rises up to the magician`s pocket. The pocket is opened and the ball floats into the magician`s pocket!"Looks like it`s right out of the X-Files!" - Kevin James"You`ll have a ball with it!" - Steve Fearson"It could be the greatest close-up levitation ever!" - Gary Darwin