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Knock Knock Flea Circus (Spanish Front) by Bruce Kalver - Trick

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This is the Spanish Edition Box - the artwork for the flea circus box is written in Spanish. The DVD and printed instructions are in English.

Tap on the box, the fleas tap back!

A portable flea circus routine! Use as a great opening or closing to your current flea circus or use it on its own as an unusual performing flea routine.

Fleas will repeat whatever you tap on the box.

Fleas are also musical and will tap along to "Shave and a Haircut", "The Clapper Song", "If You're Happy and You Know It", and more!

Communicate with the fleas!
Have them read minds!
Lots of comedy patter, routines, and ideas included!

A beautifully decorated wooden box is shown. The box looks as if it has been passed on for generations. and has the look of well worn years. It contains the fleas that you have trained for a flea circus. Take a pencil and tap two times on the top of the box. "Are you in there?" From inside the box, the fleas tap back two times!

Ask a spectator to take the pencil and tap as many times as they wish on the box and the flea will tap back the same number of times. Spectator taps six times, after a few seconds, the flea taps back six times! This can be repeated over and over again.

Demonstrate their musical ability by tapping "shave and a haircut." The flea taps back "two bits!" Even better, you start singing, " If you're happy and you know it clap your hands" and the flea responds with "tap-tap".

Ask one of the fleas to play their harpsichord and you can hear the Addams Family Theme being played inside the box. The fleas then tap to the music!

The fleas have lots of kids and at one point in the routine, all the kids tap back at once making the lid rattle violently with a multitude of taps.

The fleas can then be taken out to show their acrobatic skills. A complete acrobatic routine is included filled with jokes and suggestions to thoroughly entertain your audience.

At the end of the routine, you lead the applause and accidentally squash the flea. Oh no! You place it back into the box and speak of never hearing the taps ever again. All of a sudden there is a sound of tapping from the box. The flea is okay!

The taps are loud and crisp. The flea routine can be performed close up or on a stage.


Comes with full printed instructions and detailed DVD including a performance video.