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Juice for Red and Blue Decks (Red, Blue, Yellow, G)

Magic at the speed of sight! What is invisible to your audience, even under close inspection, is clearly visible to you from across the room!

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It's a powerful card marking fluid. Use Juice for Red and Blue Decks with ALL red and blue backed playing cards. Demonstrate your psychic powers and perform awesome card magic!

New formula works in seconds!
Create your own marked deck designs!
Perform mysterious gambling demonstrations!
Doesn't require funny goggles, glasses, or contacts!

Make your mark! Your own custom designs are easier to remember than pre-marked cards. Mark a whole deck in under ten minutes.

The "Invisible" Secret Revealed! Juice is invisible until you learn how to modify your eyesight to reveal the markings (not like those 3D puzzles). This is easy, and works for everyone who knows the secret.

Includes concise instructions and two convenient leak-proof bottles. One bottle for each color. Juice is a substitute for many tricks requiring a key card, marked card, or memorized deck system!