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In a Flash by Jay Sankey

The hottest card trick in magic! Ultra visual. Huge reactions every time!!!

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Please Note: Flash Paper is required to perform this effect, but it is not included. We recommend Flash Pads. They're perfect for this incredible effect.

A card is selected, signed and cut into the pack. A borrowed quarter is then wrapped in a piece of tissue paper, placed on the deck and touched with a lit match. The paper ignites in a dramatic flash and the borrowed quarter visibly burns straight down into the pack! When the smoke clears, the quarter is found resting at the bottom of the freshly burned hole, which runs through the top half of the deck. When the spectator lifts away this destroyed upper half and turns over the card directly beneath the quarter, it's his signed card!Please note: This package does not include a DVD. You will receive all special props and complete instructions. Now with NEW REALISTIC-LOOKING BURN PATTERN IN THE CARDS!

The deck may be closely examined. This reputation-making routine is virtually self-working and resets in seconds. Comes complete with illustrated instructions and a very special deck of Bicycle playing cards."As visual as a card trick can get!" -Acar Altinsel, Penguin Magic