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Harry Anderson's Deluxe Needle/Screwdriver Through Arm (The Only Authorized Version)

Get enormous reactions--screams, gasps, and dropped jaws--as you pull off this impossible to forget effect just like Harry Anderson!

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This is perhaps the one effect that your spectators will never forget.

You display a long needle and use it to pop a balloon.

To the horror of your spectators you slowly run the foot-long needle through the underside of your fore-arm!

Suddenly you're distracted... the blood BEGINS TO FLOW! Your spectators beg you to stop. You just smile and show them how you can move the needle in and out of the freshly made wound.

This is so real that your spectators will feel sick to their stomachs!

Finally, you remove the needle and rub a moist towel over the fresh wound.

Just when the audience thinks they have seen it all, you remove the towel from the wound... The wound HEALS ITSELF right before their eyes!

No latex or fake skin and, no, you don't penetrate your arm! Realistic - visual penetration. Completely safe, includes all materials to instantly perform this miracle. Definitely Deluxe.This Needle through Arm features the finest needle on the market. Plus, you get Harry's full detailed instructions!

A professional outfit complete!

The Stainless Steel Needle & blood are included!