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Dr. Bill's Bend by Dr. Bill (PDF Instant Download)

The best key bend we've EVER seen. This is the one the pros use. DOWNLOAD INSTANTLY. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


"I chose to perform 'Dr. Bill's Bend' on my television special. My studio audience loved this routine, and so did I."
-Steve Cohen, The Millionaires' Magician

"I'm very mad at myself for not having thought of this years ago! This is a perfect way to do a key bend and the method leaves so much open to presentation as evidenced by Steve Cohen. It's just a great concept! The additional material from Banachek, Mauricio Jaramillo and others is pure gold. I particularly like the Pender Bender setup, but it's all wonderful. Great work, Bill!" - Richard Osterlind

"I like this well thought out combination of key bending and pendulum work. In fact, I like it a lot. The handling is convincing and the moves well-motivated. Additionally, the routine provides a solid rationale for the use of a key. And, unlike many of the more recent metal bending offerings, it doesn't look the least bit like a magic trick. It's an effect that working professionals will find particularly useful as a quick and powerful demonstration of apparent psychic ability." - Bob Cassidy

"An absolutely wonderful framework for metal bending. The audience has something to see and a wonderful surprise at the end. This is a reputation maker." - Banachek

"Bill's routining in Dr. Bill's Bend is superb! This is worth way more than the asking you get additional ideas for Banachek, Mauricio Jaramillo and more. Nice work Dr.!!" - Paul Carnazzo

"Dr. Bill's Bend is, without doubt, one of the best key bending routines I have seen. The presentational script is powerful and there is absolutely no heat on the moment of the bend. Whether you are a Mentalist or a Magician, Dr. Bill's Bend is guaranteed to mesmerize, entertain, and stun any audience." - Peter Duffie

"Wonderful thinking!" - Ben Harris

"I'm a huge fan of Bill's thinking, and know I can always count on him for brilliant thoughts and suggestions. I often use Andrew Gerard's, Key Accessories--and love it--but I think I like this even more! The pendulum is something that every mentalist should be utilizing in their shows, and Bill's Bend makes excellent use of it as a visual representation of energy transference. Everything is so well thought out, and the bonus ideas from others really add to the value! Awesome work, Bill!" - Matt Mello

"If you've ever wanted to do a metal bending effect, but lacked a well laid out routine with which to present it, Dr. Bill's Bend is a great way to go. It builds logically by employing ideomotor response to help your audience suspend their disbelief as the effect reaches its climax. One can easily see why it was chosen by Steve Cohen to be included in his TV special, Lost Magic Decoded." - Bruce Bernstein

"When I first looked at Dr. Bill's Bend, I knew I was holding something very special. There is much more than a simple's an entire presentation that crackles with fresh thinking. An absolute masterwork." - David Thiel

"A practical, neat, and utilitarian item of wide application. It is open to your imagination to present as eerie and creepy or as witty and urbane as you please. Don't pass it by.. Excellent!" - Marc Salem

Imagine using a simple pendulum made from a piece of ribbon and a key (these can all be borrowed) to teach an entire audience to focus their mental powers in ways that will blow their minds! Then imagine what starts happening when keys begin bending in their hands! Dr. Bills Bend is pitch perfect as is, or it can be the smash climax to any routine highlighting the wonders of pendulums.

Originally published in David Thiels anthology Pendulum Magic: Routines For Mystery Performers, Dr. Bills Bend has been updated to include Steve Cohens very dramatic touches, subtleties from Banachek, as well as ideas and a full presentation from Mauricio Jaramillo. Dr. Bills Bend, described by David Thiel as a system for creating pendulum effects, can truly be performed for one or one thousand.

There are several variations, including ideas from Andrew Gerard, Greg Arce, Tony Razzano and Bob Cassidy. This is a mini-course on getting the most out of your pendulum work. Instructions on enhancing your use of suggestion are also part and parcel of Dr. Bills Bend!

Buy the ebook that gives you a tried and true audience tested routine that is engaging from start to finish and is both elegantly conceived and executed!