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Dice Stacking Todd Strong, DVD

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A video that teaches you how to stack dice in just a few short hours! Dice Stacking is not only magical, but it's fun too! The art of scooping up a series of dice and stacking them one on top of the other is not nearly as hard as it looks. Professional juggler and entertainer Todd Strong has developed a method to easily teach you how to stack dice. In fact, using Todd's methods, you can learn to stack dice proficiently in just a few short hours. Dice stacking makes for a wonderful, magical interlude.Being a juggler, Todd has created numerous unique and visual stacking techniques, many of which magicians have never seen before, including fantastic aerial dice moves and two- handed dice stacking. You'll also learn how to stack 12 dice at a time! And host Michael Maxwell performs and explains Senator Clarke Crandall's Dice Stacking Routine. Hilarious, magical and entertaining, this one-of-a-kind routine is perfect as a unique magical showpiece.


  • How to stack dice
  • Stacking variations
  • Quick stacks
  • Aerial moves
  • Decapitating dice
  • Stacking many dice
  • Stacking tiny dice
  • Stacking items other than dice
  • Switches and color changes
  • Much much more!