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DALLAS Michael Ammar EXPERIENCE: Monday, November 28th (E-Registration)


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Get ready to EXPERIENCE Michael Ammar.

That's right! We are bringing Michael Ammar to a city near you.

He has taught more magic than anyone in the world and this is your chance to learn from the best, up close and personal. Ammar has amazing things planned for this lecture.

Monday, November 28th, 2016 6 PM to 10 PM

The Ammar Experience Starts at 6PM

6:00 PM Penguin Magic's Dealer booth opens.
Featuring Brent Braun, showing and selling Penguin's newest and hottest items, some of which aren't even available online.

7:00 PM The Ammar Experience
Michael Ammar will be teaching hands-on the tricks that he has used for years to make a professional living as a magician.

8:15 PM The Lightening Round
Michael will teach you 8 amazing tricks in under 15 minutes. All of which can be made up with items you can find or purchase very inexpensively.

8:30 PM 15 Minute Break

8:45 The Experience Part 2
Ammar will return for another 45 minutes to teach the single strongest magic trick he has ever created. Did we mention it's almost self working?

9:30 PM Q&A Session with Michael Ammar.
This is your chance to ask a master creator, performer, and teacher anything you have ever wanted to ask.

10:00 PM Autograph and Picture Session.
Your chance to get Michael's autograph and photos with a living legend.

10:00 PM Penguin Magic Dealer's booth reopens.
Brent Braun will stick around as long as you want to share ideas, answer questions, and sell you the best products Penguin offers.

DoubleTree Galleria
4099 Valley View Ln
Dallas, TX 75244

Michael Ammar is an award-winning author, lecturer and performer who has educated and influenced more magicians than anyone else in the world. At the turn of the millennium, Magic Magazine listed Michael Ammar as one of The Most Influential Magicians of the Twentieth Century. Its no wonder, as one of the most prolific authors and teachers of magic in the world, Michaels awards and achievements are unequaled. Michael's magic encompasses a full spectrum of performance genres: from very intimate, sleight-of-hand to stand-up "parlor" magic, and (more recently) the stage with his presentation of "The Spirit Cabinet." His disarming humor and casual poise only serve to make the impossibilities of his magic even more surprising and powerful. His television credits include two appearances on The Tonight Show; The Late Show with David Letterman; CNN Headline News; Worlds Greatest Magic; Travel Channel: Magic of LA; International Magic Awards; The Worlds Best Magic Tricks EVER; and several appearances on Japanese and Korean television specials.

Michael has been honored numerous times, including Magician of the Year; six awards from the Academy of Magical Arts; FISM Gold Medal in Close-Up Magic; two awards from the International Magic Awards; Dragon Award; and West Virginia University's Distinguished Alumni award for achieving international recognition in his profession. In the early 1980s (after publishing some of his earliest books: Success & Magic, Encore 3 and The Topit Book) Michael began visiting local magic shops and clubs to share his ideas. Since then, he has traveled to 52 countries - and in doing so, has instructed over 25,000 people in the theory and practice of modern magic. His seminars have earned him accolades, including the maximum number of Lecturer of the Year awards from the Academy of Magic Arts in Hollywood, California. Michael is recognized as the worlds foremost teacher of magic. David Copperfield calls him the magicians magician, and he was selected by Toys-R-Us as the instructor on The Magic Video. In 1991, his book The Magic of Michael Ammar, became the fastest selling book in magic history.

Michael has given instructional seminars worldwide - crossing all age, language, and distance barriers. Other professionals, including David Copperfield, Lance Burton, Siegfried & Roy, Doug Henning and Michael Jackson have consulted with Michael for their magic. In the late 1990s, Michael was the first visiting scholar at the Silvan Magic Academy in Italy - where he was awarded an honorary PhD. The school set out to provide intensive magic study to serious students. The following few years he would periodically give magic classes at the Magic Castle in Hollywood to eager students looking to polish their skills. In 2005, Michael was guest instructor to the College of Magic in South Africa. He later provided curriculum content to the college. He has instructed young and old at international magic conferences, such as: Blackpool Magic Convention, The International Brotherhood of Magicians Convention and FISM (Federation Internationale des Societes Magiques); and magic camps, such as: West Coast Magic Camp and Sorcerers Safari in Canada. On two ground-breaking occasions, Michael Ammar gave the first lecture from the western world to magic fans in the Soviet Union and mainland China. His influence altered the course of the craft in those countries in ways that are still being felt today.

The Experience FAQ

What is Experience?
The Experience a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn magic hands on and up close from the top performers in the world. Its a 3 hours hands on learning experience where you will teach you not only how it works but why it works. Seating for each event is limited to sign up today.

Penguin Magic is touring the country and bringing the Experience to you.

Who are the magicians?
Our goal is to bring you not only great creators but also great performers. Michael Ammar will be kicking off our east coast tour but we will be adding many more performers in the near future.

Will products be available for sale?
Yes, we want to send you home with all the tools you need to be able to perform everything you have learned. So the performers will be selling notes, DVDs, books and tricks to help get you on the fast track to becoming a great magician.

Will Penguin Magic have any products for sale?
Of course, you know we love to share the newest and greatest magic in the industry with you. This is your chance to see and ask questions about our newest releases and also see what makes some of our classic releases so powerful.

Will Credit cards be accepted for product?

When and Where are The Experiences being held?
The Experiences are held in hotels around the country and tours that range from 6 to 12 dates in different regions.

How long is the event?
The Experience events last 3 hours including the question and answer session at the end. Events are usually held in the evening starting at 7PM but always check the times for the event in your area in advance.

What do I need to get in?
Just your ID. After you register, you are added to the guest list. All you need to do is show up and give your name and ID.

Buying Multiple registrations
Because the Experience registrations are tied to your account, when you buy more than one Registration at a time you will only need to show one ID to get the group in.

Does my child or spouse need a registration?
The Experience is not recommended for children under 6 and spouses do require a registration.

I registered but didnt get a ticket?
No need to worry! As soon as you register you are added to our guest list. All you need to do is show up at the door with an ID and we will get you right in.

Is there Parking available?
Parking is based on individual cities and hotels but we do our best to keep parking below and at many events offer Free, discounted or validated parking.

Are Food and Drink available at the venue?
We do our best to book these at hotels that have a restaurants to make it convenient for you to grab a drink or dinner before the Experience.

Can my Local Magic club have a table to promote membership?
We love having local clubs come out and set up a table to have a sponsorship drive. If your club is interested please contact for details. This is a great chance to meet people interested in magic who may have no idea there is a magic club near them.