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Completely Cold book

Sold out

For years Tank and Kenton have been working on an "ultimate" system for "psychic readings". They dreamed of a system using absolutely No memorization. No props whatsoever! No having to read a spectator's body language for information! A system you could do over the phone! Simple. Never fails. Use it anytime, anywhere. No set up of any kind.

This system is so easy, you can learn to do the readings in minutes. You only need to know two amazingly simple, yet potent rules. Even the two rules don't need to be memorized...Once you know the secrets, YOU KNOW IT COLD!
You have never seen anything this perfect and this simple in any other "cold reading" materials. It is truly a dream come true!

If you are a magician who has ever been asked to do readings, but had to back off because you didn't have a secure system, this is for you! If you are a seasoned mentalist or reader, this will greatly enhance what you already know. Just add in Completely Cold wherever and whenever you like. You'll never believe the power of this system's simplicity, until you try it!

"Completely Cold is worth Two Hundred Bucks alone!" - Weerd Weekend '97

"Completely Cold is truly the Dream System! And for the price, IT'S A STEAL!" - Dan Harlan

"If you were to forget everything you know about cold reading, and you had only this manuscript, you would have more useful information than if you memorized an entire library of works on this subject..." - Docc Hilford