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Cesaral Psychokinetic Pencil Cesaral

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A wooden pencil is balanced on the edge of a table, on top of a glass, or in a spectator's hand. The performer then walks to the other side of the room. After exerting tremendous mental powers directed at the pencil, it slowly moves and finally falls onto the floor!. The spectator can immediately pick it up and examine it. It can even be used as an ordinary pencil for the rest of the show.

Important points

  • No need to switch the pencil
  • You can sharpen it in front of the spectators just before placing it on the glass; you have plenty of time.
  • You can do the effect in the spectator's hand.
  • The pencil can be fully examined as an incredible secret mechanism is used
  • Looks and writes like a real pencil
  • Fast reset to do the effect in any situation
  • It uses no threads or magnets in performance
  • Almost any pencil can be adapted for the effect (ask Cesaral Magic about it)
  • And... No sleights are needed to do this effect!