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Card Creations video Martin Lewis

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The Close Up Card Magic of Martin Lewis

Six card effects from the Academy of Magical Arts "Parlor Magician of the Year" for 2000, Martin Lewis. With an emphasis on offbeat effects, Martin delivers his original ideas with clear and insightful explanations. And, there's a non-card effect included too! As a bonus, you'll also have a chance to learn Martin's Chop-Cup Routine.

This is material designed for the working magician, with each effect being forged in the heat of live performance. All of the routines are practical and carefully thought-out. Includes:

  • The One Hand Boomerang - First published in Ricky Jay's "Cards as Weapons" this is Martin's method for the boomerang card.
  • The Whispering Joker - Three selected cards are named, while the deck is blindfolded. A real fooler!
  • Eye-Opener - A prediction goes wrong but magic saves the day.
  • The Daydream Card - How can a card be in two places at the same time?
  • Magician's Poker - Where cheating is not only allowed, it's required!
  • The Little Switch - The wrong card is switched for the right one, literally, using a switch on the back of the card!
  • Cheap Cup - The only non-card effect on the video. You'll find the Cheap Cup well worth looking at.