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Cannibal by Kevin Reylek (DVD)

SIGNED. EATEN. EXHUMED. A perfect and SURREAL finale to your card routine! NOW SHIPPING. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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In Kevin Reyleks Cannibal, a King takes a bite out of a signed selection, only to be torn open where the missing piece is found inside the layers of the King. Bringing the classic Lin Searles plot to a new level, Cannibal is one of Kevins most-used closing effects. It involves a theatrical premise, a surprising revelation, and a kicker ending that audiences never see coming. It also leaves spectators with a memorable souvenir!

The Cannibal DVD features live performances of the effect and detailed explanations from multiple angles. Several handlings are taught so that anyone can perform a version of Cannibal, regardless of skill level. Custom artwork is also included on the DVD, which you can use to enhance your presentation.

  • Easy-to-do
  • Live Performances
  • Multiple Handlings for All Skill Levels
  • Impossible Ending and Souvenir
  • Filmed in High Definition
  • Dolby Digital Sound
  • Bonus DVD-ROM Artwork Files Included

Running time: 1 hour

"This is the way Cannibal cards should be, it makes perfect sense within the context of the routine. It works great on its own, and can be added as a fantastic finale to any cannibal card routine you are already performing. As an extra ending, you could secretly cut off your own finger and have the card eat that too!" - Chris Mayhew