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Banachek PSI Series #2 w/ Stigmata (DVD)

Featuring the original version of Stigmata plus 7 other effects!

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Make the value of a spectator's playing card slowly appear on your arm in blood red . . . anywhere, anytime! Reveal a thought-of number from across the distance separated by phone lines. Engage two people in a fun routine where the performer predicts a

page number and a word seen by a volunteer on an invisible Palm Top computer. Become a human lie detector in a thrilling and

comical adventure. This DVD continues from Part 1 with close-up, stand-up and stage mentalism and mental magic with additional

routines including anywhere, anytime effects plus staggering psychological ploys. Learn a multi-phase routine weaving audience

direction and sleight-of-hand into one smooth effect. Also, learn the inside secrets of what Banachek considers one of the most

powerful tools in the mentalist's arsenal, Pocket Writing. This DVD includes Banachek's discussion of his Buried Alive escape, his

Bullet Catch illusion now used by Penn & Teller, the difference between mentalism and mental magic plus comical anecdotes about

blindfold drives. You will also see a television clip of Banachek's Buried Alive escape hosted by William Shatner and TV footage of

one of Banachek's early Blindfold Drives.

Effects and Explanations

  • Ring of Truth
  • Phone Psychs
  • Word of the Ring
  • Number Reversal
  • Stigmata
  • Invisible Palm Top
  • Picture Duplication (Stage)
  • Bonus Explanation of Q & A Routine