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Ace Oddity by Peter Eggink - Trick

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The four aces are shown. The Ace of Spades, which is explained to be the Leader Ace, is placed face-down on the table and isolated under the spectator's hand, or a card box.

The magician explains that when the Leader Ace is turned face-down, somehow the remaining aces will follow suit. Magically and visually, the remaining aces turn face-down, one at a time. The magician continues by stating that he will vanish the three aces in his hands, and have them join the Leader Ace.

When the magician opens his hands, it seems as though nothing has happened, as there are still three cards. The magician claims that the aces are really gone. Now comes the best part: when the three cards are turned face-up, all the pips have disappeared -- only blank faced cards remain! Finally, the Leader Ace is turned face-up, only to reveal that the pips from the other three aces have travelled to the Ace of Spades!